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for the cat lover with an edge

In today’s market saturated with cute and kitsch cat inspired apparel, FELINITEE transcends time and trend to offer the highest quality cotton clothing and accessories that uphold the poise and grace of the iconic cat. Balancing light and dark, merging simplicity with symmetry, Felinitee channels the elegance and refined form of cat figure. The iconic designs exemplify the feline essence. With an appreciation for the iconic representations of the timeless feline, the designs set you apart as a mysterious and mystical lover of Meow Power.

Embrace & celebrate it. The Future is Feline.


My felinitee shirt is the crown jewel of my urban wardrobe. I get stopped on the street to find out where I found it, and the comfort and joy it brings me is rivaled only by my two live cats.

Jessica H

Felinitee shirts are so cool!! People stop me on the street to ask where I got it! The fabric is soft and the quality is great! I love the many different designs too. Get yours and stand out! ♥♥♥♥♥

Emillie N

The prints are iconic and vibrant. A departure from cuteness of most cat designs into the essence of feline dignity.

Alicia N

love the kitties, the ur-patterns, mandalas, and a nice-feeling tee!

Vijay B

Felinitee has elevated me from regular cat lady to cool cat lady. I love my cat burst cap sleeve tshirt and receive tons of compliments every time I wear it. Felinitees make the perfect gift - they are high quality, comfortable and unique.

Michelle T

Such a wonderful kitty she is Felinitee, comfortably wearable, cheery while darkly foreboding, who could ask for anything more.

Thomas C

For the cat people who don't wear cartoon-ey sweatshirts. This is the answer..gorgeous, charismatic, interesting. I love the material on the tank. Will definitely have to order another style. Meowwww....

Birgit B

I love my Felinitee! I get a lot of compliments on it, the fabric is nice and substantial, and I get to display my love of kitty cats!

Megan B