My felinitee shirt is the crown jewel of my urban wardrobe. I get stopped on the street to find out where I found it, and the comfort and joy it brings me is rivaled only by my two live cats.

Jessica H

Felinitee shirts are so cool!! People stop me on the street to ask where I got it! The fabric is soft and the quality is great! I love the many different designs too. Get yours and stand out! ♥♥♥♥♥

Emillie N

The prints are iconic and vibrant. A departure from cuteness of most cat designs into the essence of feline dignity.

Alicia N

love the kitties, the ur-patterns, mandalas, and a nice-feeling tee!

Vijay B

Felinitee has elevated me from regular cat lady to cool cat lady. I love my cat burst cap sleeve tshirt and receive tons of compliments every time I wear it. Felinitees make the perfect gift - they are high quality, comfortable and unique.

Michelle T

Such a wonderful kitty she is Felinitee, comfortably wearable, cheery while darkly foreboding, who could ask for anything more.

Thomas C

For the cat people who don't wear cartoon-ey sweatshirts. This is the answer..gorgeous, charismatic, interesting. I love the material on the tank. Will definitely have to order another style. Meowwww....

Birgit B

I love my Felinitee! I get a lot of compliments on it, the fabric is nice and substantial, and I get to display my love of kitty cats!

Megan B


Once upon a time I was looking for cat t-shirt that I would wear. I could not find anything that I liked. Most of the cat designs online look cartooney or campy.  I wanted a tee shirt that would manifest the feline splendor and elegance. A design that honors the cat subject. I also wanted a design that composes well on the body. Something that would mirror feline poise and grace. After I made the first t-shirt for myself, I was asked by several of my friends to make t-shirts for them. The rest is history. By cat loving demand the FELINITEE came online. We use only high quality cotton merchandise. MEOW